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Assignment on Statistics

Statistics is a science dedicated to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data through the application of various statistical techniques. Statistics assignments often require the application of various statistical methods as well as descriptive statistics. This section of Researchomatic will provide you with some of the most carefully selected statistics assignments, in order to help easy interpretation of numerical information and to gain understanding of the different statistical concepts.

Statistics Statistics 8. a) x f 37 1 40 1 43 2 44 4 45 4 46 7 47 2 48 1 49 1 51 1 Mean = 1083 = 45.125 or 45 24 SD = 2.7 b) S.D = 2.7 Mean = 45 45 + (1.5 * 2.7) = 49.05 c) 2 9. a) b) & c) Statistics Salary N Valid 49 Missing 0 Range 40.0 Quartiles Q 1 17.0 Q 3 22.0 d) The difference in the range and IQR values are ; Q 1 = 40 - 17 = 23 Q 3 = 40 - 22 = 18 10. a) For Test 1, the median will be Q2 b) Test ...
Factorial Design
Factorial Design Factorial Design Hypothesis 1             H0: The population means of the obese and non obese are equal.             HA: The population means of the obese and non obese are not equal. Hypothesis 2             H0: The population means of the coffee drinkers and non coffee drinkers are equal.             HA: The population means of ...
Social And Environmental Accounting And Corporate Governance In Oil And Gas Sector
Social and Environmental Accounting and Corporate Governance in Oil and Gas Sector Social and Environmental Accounting and Corporate Governance in Oil and Gas Sector Hypotheses The study of social and environmental accounting and corporate governance in oil and gas sector include the following hypotheses: HO 1: Organizations of oil and gas sector have a ...
Statistics And Probability
Statistics and Probability Statistics and Probability Question 3 - 1 Part a Solution For this solution Hearts with H, Spade with S, Club with C and Diamond with D Sample Space (S) = {(1H , 2H) , (1H, 3H) , (1H , 4H) , (1H, 5H) , (1H , 6H) , (1H, 7H) , (1H ...
Business Decision Analysis
Business Decision Analysis [Name of the Institute] Business Decision Analysis Introduction The aim and objective of this assignment is to formulate a decision trees for making decisions and understanding of the concepts of expected value and risk analysis. The decision tree is used widely by organizations in decision making process Decision making plays a significant ...
Decision Tree – Case Study
Decision Tree - Case Study Decision Tree - Case Study The Decision Tree Calculation of Results EMV (Glenn's Bid Accepted and zonal change approved by the voters) = 0.2*0.3*0.9*13,000,000 = 702000 EMV (Glenn's Bid Accepted and zonal change disapproved by the voters) = 0.2*0.3*0.1*13,000,000 = 78000 EMV (Glenn's Bid not accepted zonal change approved by ...
Business Decision Making
BUSINESS DECISION MAKING Business Decision Making Business Decision Making Task 1 1.1 In order to conduct a research study effectively, on the Company X the researcher is available with two types of data collection methods. These two types include primary and secondary research methodologies, respectively. The primary data is the one which the ...
Airline Passengers
AIRLINE PASSENGERS Airline Passengers Airlines and passengers experiences and perceptions on the use of self-service technology at London Heathrow Airport Introduction The passengers and employees data have collected on Self Service Technologies (SST) method. This data includes self service of Kiosk that has collected at London Heathrow Airport. The perception of employees and ...
Quasi-Experimental Research
Quasi-Experimental Research Quasi-Experimental Research PART A Background The research study has conducted on the Ugandan women because the region has adversely affected due to HIV/AIDS disease. This serious issue has weakened their health factors and several other things that are directly or indirectly associated with this health issue. For this, the researchers ...
Statistic Analysis
Statistic Analysis Statistic Analysis Question 1 Describe the type of data seen in this file, using the information from the chart on page 163 in your Provost text. What is the numerator and what is the denominator for the measurement of medications errors with harm? Answer For the measurement of medications errors ...
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