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Assignment on Statistics

Statistics is a science dedicated to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data through the application of various statistical techniques. Statistics assignments often require the application of various statistical methods as well as descriptive statistics. This section of Researchomatic will provide you with some of the most carefully selected statistics assignments, in order to help easy interpretation of numerical information and to gain understanding of the different statistical concepts.

Statistical Analysis
Statistical Analysis Statistical Analysis Part 1: Correlation/Regression and Chi Square Excel Worksheet A: Correlation Table   SYS DIAS SYS 1 0.785369154 DIAS 0.785369154 1 B: Regression Equation Table SUMMARY OUTPUT Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.785369154 R Square 0.616804708 Adjusted R Square 0.606720621 Standard Error 7.291161488 Observations 40 ANOVA   df SS MS F Significance F Regression 1 3251.665638 3251.655564 61.1661 2.00E-09 Residual 38 2020.119362 53.16103584 Total 39 5271.775         Coefficients Standard Error t Stat P-value Lower 95% Upper 95% Lower 95.0% Upper 95.0% Intercept 8.30787 7.64629 1.08625 0.28409 -7.17124 23.787 -7.17124 23.787 SYS 0.53355 0.06822 7.82088 2.00E-09 0.39544 0.67165 0.39544 0.67165 Considering the calculated values, the linear regression equation that uses the systolic pressure to predict the diastolic pressure is; DIAS = ...
Assignment Assignment Question 1 Part One Questions Hardly ever A few times a week Every day A few times a day 1 How often do you make use of your cell phone for learning? 2 How often do you write and sent a text message? 3 How often do you make use of cell phone internet for academic purpose? 4 How often do you play games ...
Unit 7 Assignment
Unit 7 Assignment Unit 7 Assignment Question 1 (p. 218) Difference between independent and dependent samples t - test Independent samples t - test include mean differences between variables that are statistically independent from each other i.e. in a class of 30 students, if we determine the means of exam scores between ...
Unit 7 Final Project
Unit 7 Final Project Unit 7 Final Project Hypotheses H1: There is a significant difference in the physical activities of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia patients. H2: There is a significant difference in the magnitude of disorder among the bipolar disorder and schizophrenia patients. Statistical Procedure There are two different groups used in the studies i.e. ...
Opm300 - Introduction To Operations Management
OPM300 - Introduction to Operations Management OPM300 - Introduction to Operations Management Total number of days required to complete the project are 213 days or almost 42 weeks (5 days a week) i.e. the project shall start from 8th October 8, 2013 and ends on 9th May, 2014. Activities needs to ...
Critical Appraisal
Critical Appraisal Critical Appraisal Summary Childhood Obesity occurrence is the vital and the usual problem in Canada. The regional population of Canadian preschool small infants has variant growth in terms of mass which causes great nuisance and disturbance in their growth structure. The obesity is the most significant problem in Canada which ...
Examine Surveys And Response Biases
Examine Surveys and Response Biases Examine Surveys and Response Biases Introduction Innovation in any manner makes it more meaningful and a good change. Using the old method express the situation of cliché in any means. The public health organization requires advancement and changing in the process which makes it more meaningful with the ...
Types Of Observational Studies
Types of Observational Studies Introduction3 Observational Study Designing3 Natural and Contrived Setting3 Disguised and Non-Disguised Observation4 Human and Mechanical Observation4 Direct and Indirect Observation5 Structured and Non-Structured Observation5 Case Studies6 Scenario 16 Study Statement6 Nature of Observational Study6 Research design Outline6 Scenario 27 Study Statement7 Nature of Observational Study8 Research design Outline8 Scenario 39 Research Statement9 Nature of Observational Study9 Research design Outline9 Scenario 411 Research statement11 Nature of Observational Study11 Research Design Outline11 Scenario ...
REPORT Report Executive Summary This report provides an evaluation and review of the Monash University and the Student Mobility and Employability level. The past literature also focused because the investigators have conducted a study method for evaluating the enhancing factors of mobility and employability. For this, data has obtained by using the questionnaire ...
Case Study
Case Study Case Study Introduction The Cadillac's Lagging Sales has reduced if we compare from today. Initially this car had a first option of everyone, but now with the development of time people adopt other car rather than Cadillac. From 1950 to 1998, the Cadillac has maintained his position in the ...
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