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Assignment on Statistics

Statistics is a science dedicated to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data through the application of various statistical techniques. Statistics assignments often require the application of various statistical methods as well as descriptive statistics. This section of Researchomatic will provide you with some of the most carefully selected statistics assignments, in order to help easy interpretation of numerical information and to gain understanding of the different statistical concepts.

Sampling Procedure
Quiz Quiz > 0.5 In coin we have only two outcomes either head or tail, so the probability of getting a tail in the next tail would be less than 0.5. Decreases The power of test increases and the probability of Type II error will decrease, as sample size increases. Histogram of ...
HOMEWORK Homework - 4 Homework - 4 CMATH 6108 Question 1 Solution 10 ! = 1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 x 8 x 9 x 10 10 ! = 3628800 Therefore, there are 3628800 options for planning the layout of the walkway being built using the rectangular pavers. ...
Transportation Costs
TRANSPORTATION COSTS TRANSPORTATION COSTS TRANSPORTATION COSTS Linear Program Model for cost minimization transportation schedule Min (Cost) = (25 + 38)*X1 + (27 + 34)*X2 + 57*X3 + (25 + 42)*X4 + (33 + 38)*X5 Min (Cost) = 63*X1 + 61*X2 + 57*X3 + 69*X4 + 71*X5 + 61000 Subject to the following Constraints: X1 ...
Mathematics A Quantitative Reasoning Approach
Mathematics A Quantitative Reasoning Approach 3rd edition Mathematics A Quantitative Reasoning Approach 3rd edition Chapter 3A 11) Conclusion: False Reason: Let your income = X Then my income = 120%*X = 1.2X This shows that your income = 80%*1.2X = 0.96X ? X which does not make sense 13) Conclusion: True Reason: It is possible that ...
Quasi-Experimental Design
Quasi-Experimental Design Quasi-Experimental Design Question # 1 Recommendation of Quasi-Experimental design Non-Equivalent Groups Design The non-equivalent class seems like a most beneficial design associated with Quasi Experimental design. That design consists of an active band of contributors that be given a therapy as well as yet another recent band of contributors to be able to ...
Quantitative Research Plan
Quantitative Research Plan Quantitative Research Plan Introduction The given study is planned to watch the a few variables that can illustrate the conduct of South Korean residents with respect to HIV/AIDS. The example involves thirteen separate variables out of which ten are ostensible, two are scaled, and one is ordinal. The example ...
Filing Systems
FILING SYSTEMS Filing Systems Filing Systems Alphabetic and Numeric Filing Systems Alphabetic Filing System Numeric Filing System Anna 92394 Austin 92398 Brian 92401 Colin 92402 Janet 92405 Joel 92406 Julia 92409 Justin 92410 Lawrence  92413 Lillian  92414 Martha 92417 Micheal 92418 Patrick  92421 Phoebe 92422 Rachel 92425 Robert 92426 Robert 92429 Sally 92430 Sheryl 92433 Tracey  92437 Similarities Alphanumeric sorting is used for sorting custom types of number fields like grades, phone numbers, serial numbers and zip codes etc. This method is same in both numeric and alphabetic sorting. The alphanumeric sorting determines the lowest/ smallest alpha ...
Assignment Article - The emerging dental workforce: why dentistry? A quantitative study of final year dental students' views on their professional career Major research question(s) The major research question of the study related to choice of professional career of the final year students of King's College London in dentistry with respect to sex, ...
The History Of Probability Between 17 Century And 20 Century
The History of probability between 17 Century and 20 Century The History of probability between 17 Century and 20 Century Introduction The concept of Probability is revolving from many years, but the theory of probability did not consider as mathematics' branch till the middle of 17th century. In the 15th century, various works ...
Assignment # 3 Pricing
Assignment # 3 Pricing Assignment # 3 Pricing Answer No. 1 Quantity demanded = a + b (Price) From the above graphical representation, it can be observed that as the price of the Bluebird Potato Chips is increasing, the quantity demanded of the Bluebird Potato Chips is decreasing which represent negative trend. Keeping this ...
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