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Assignment on Statistics

Statistics is a science dedicated to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data through the application of various statistical techniques. Statistics assignments often require the application of various statistical methods as well as descriptive statistics. This section of Researchomatic will provide you with some of the most carefully selected statistics assignments, in order to help easy interpretation of numerical information and to gain understanding of the different statistical concepts.

Quantitative Thinking
Quantitative Thinking Quantitative Thinking Question 1 E = mc2 E = (1) x (2.998 x 108)2 = 8.988 x 1016 Joules E = 144 Petawatts 1 Petawatt = 1015 x 144 = 1.44 x 1017 Total Energy (joules) = 1.44 x 1017 x 3600 = 5.184 x 1020 joules From the equation we used m = ...
Analysis Of Health Information National Trends Survey
Analysis of Health Information National Trends Survey Analysis of Health Information National Trends Survey Answer No. 1 In view of the given analysis that relates to HINTS data, the aim is to find out whether there is a relation between gender and general health. In this purpose situation, Chi-Square test is applied as ...
Class Mph 599 - Practicum
Class MPH 599 - Practicum Class MPH 599 - Practicum Introduction Over the years, a significant amount of research done for evaluating the mechanisms that can help reduce the number of deaths because of various acute illnesses has lead to an increased emphasis on studying the chronic diseases. This is because with the ...
Module 4 - Case
Module 4 - Case Module 4 - Case Application of Public Health - Concepts and Models Lifestyle is the way that a person lives. Therefore, lifestyle reflects our behavior, attitude, culture and personality. In addition, lifestyle might affect people's thoughts, work, social activity and health. It may be true that the ...
Module 3 – Slp
Module 3 - SLP Module 3 - SLP The emerging dental workforce: why dentistry? A quantitative study of final year dental students' views on their professional career Research question(s) The major research question of the study related to choice of professional career of the final year students of King's College London in dentistry ...
Mini Coursework 01
MINI COURSEWORK 01 Mini Coursework 01 Mini Coursework 01 (a) Determine the numbers of nurses in the sample from each type of hospital. Answer With the use of the Autofilter mechanism and the Subtotal function, the total number of nurses belonging to different types of hospitals was calculated. The three different types of hospitals mentioned ...
. test 3 – Stat 200
. Test 3 - Stat 200 Test 3 - Stat 200 Solution is the best point estimate for , therefore, the best point estimate of the population mean is with Now, for 95% confidence interval, To find the area under the normal curve = .4750, the corresponding z value for this area ...
Statistics Analysis
Statistics Analysis Statistics Analysis Construct a table (similar to Table 1 that you would see in an article) that provides the descriptive statistics for the following variables: age, gender, education, years as a registered nurse, job satisfaction (as measured by the total score on the job satisfaction scale) and self-determination and ...
Interpretation Of Correlation And Regression
Interpretation of correlation and regression Interpretation of correlation and regression Question 1 The term clinical trial is used in different contexts and sometimes with different meanings. While we are looking for the prevalence of a disease over time, the cross-sectional study freezes a specific moment in time, it aims to find the ...
Statistical Analysis
Statistical Analysis Statistical Analysis Introduction The study is related to the use of standard deviation as a risk indicator for investment purposes. In the financial market, it is important for the inventors to be aware of the product risk that can affect the investment decision made by the investor. To minimize or ...
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