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Assignment on Statistics

Statistics is a science dedicated to the collection, analysis and interpretation of data through the application of various statistical techniques. Statistics assignments often require the application of various statistical methods as well as descriptive statistics. This section of Researchomatic will provide you with some of the most carefully selected statistics assignments, in order to help easy interpretation of numerical information and to gain understanding of the different statistical concepts.

Decision Making
DECISION MAKING Business Decision Making Abstract2 Introduction3 Methodology3 Dynamics of Research Population and the Variables of the Study4 Sample and the Sampling Frame4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Common Sampling Techniques5 Quota Sampling5 Purposive Sampling5 Random Sampling6 Method of Data Collection7 References8 Appendix10 Appendix 0110 Abstract The aim of the present research is to investigate the trustworthiness of the two statements mentioned on the Sainsbury's website, ...
Statistics Statistics 1. a. This is a one-tailed test. b. Ho: The use of new toothpaste does not prevent more cavities as compared to other brands of toothpastes, µ = 1.73 Ha: The use of new toothpaste prevents more cavities as compared to other brands of toothpastes, µ < 1.73 c. Using formula ...
Week 9: Final Project
Week 9: Final Project Week 9: Final Project Hypotheses Statistical hypothesis is any supposition regarding the distribution of the population - a function or parameter value decomposition. It is the process of checking the veracity of the assumptions on the basis of a random sample of the verification of statistical hypotheses. ...
Clinical Decision Making
Clinical Decision Making Question 2 (a) The difference among the results of two tests on the basis of their quality lies within the nature of the test. The first test of both managers is based on the random drug testing. The results of this teat are computed on ...
Business Decision Making
BUSINESS DECISION MAKING Business Decision Making Business Decision Making Q1.1, 1.2, 1.3 Marketing Research Plan Organizational Market Research Needs It is the two different industries in which Nokia and Apple have been performing for the last many years in their respective industries. Nokia belongs to the mobile manufacturing functions and activities since it mainly ...
Statistic Assignment - Final Written Project
Statistic assignment - Final Written Project Statistic assignment - Final Written Project Results For the statistical analysis of data which has been collected for the present study, software named SPSS was utilized. Apart from the analysis of descriptive statistics of the data, the three major tests using which the data was analyzed ...
Mathematics Mathematics Question No. - 1 Solution The speed of first car = 80 km per hour The speed of second car = 110 km per hour As the formula of distance is; Distance = Speed * time Therefore, we can say that the distance of second car = 110 * x = 110 x Assuming ...
Foundation Statistics Assignment 02
Foundation Statistics Assignment 02 Foundation Statistics Assignment 02 Part A 1. Write a brief description of the data you're working with. Answer The part of the total data that will be analysed in this paper is comprised of the variables of education and income. The variable of education provides a data set that has ...
Week 4: Discussion
Week 4: Discussion Week 4: Discussion Point 1 The term validity refers to the value with which scores obtained from a particular procedure of measurement provide the desired inferences while the term reliability is related to the inferences made about the consistency of a measure. They make up an essential criterion for ...
Qi Project
QI Project QI Project Question 1 The aims of the study have its limitations in various ways i.e. it can be expanded to the prevention, detection and mitigation of not only in diabetes management but also towards the cancer and other related life threatening diseases. Further, it may be done not only ...
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