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Assignment on Technology

Technology assignments can get quite complicated and difficult as they require implementation of technical skills and thorough review of the past literature. Researchomatic therefore provides its consumers with assignments on technology and all related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature to effectively work on their assignments. Students from all over the world can conveniently access these assignments.

Internet Research
Internet Research Internet Research Topic and Thesis Statement The following paper is based on the internet research and due to the variety of sources; therefore, it is important for the students to evaluate the different sources. Therefore, this paper is based on different question that might help the students to understand the evaluation ...
Internet Research 8
Internet Research 8 1. Which of the items below is a Boolean operator? d. OR 2. Which of the choices below is a common documentation style? a. MLA 3. Academic Search Complete is an example of d. A library research database that requires a Borrower ID and password to use 4. What is the domain name ...
Biofuels As Primary Energy Souce: Myth Or Fact?
Biofuels as Primary Energy Souce: Myth or fact? Biofuels as Primary Energy Souce: Myth or fact? Energy consumption of our world has been significantly increasing day by day and the major resource utilized for the production of energy. The utilization of fossil fuels is increasing regularly with the rising demands of energy ...
BIOFUELS Biofuels: Better, Clean and Green Alternatives to Petrol Biofuels: Better, Clean and Green Alternatives to Petrol The famous American industrialist, Henry Ford foresaw the future of biofuels back when he introduced his new car (Model T) in 1908. He envisaged the long-term benefits of crop-derived fermented ethanol and believed that it ...
Computing Systems
COMPUTING SYSTEMS Computing Systems Computing Systems Computing History: A Personal Perspective There are a lot of computing devices that we are using nowadays. With the advancement of new technology devices are improved with the passage of time, and more new and innovative design of these devices are available in market today. ...
It Employment
IT Employment IT Employment IT Implications in My Job I work in an ISP company as a team leader in the wireless network and satellite department. Since, I belong to an ISP, I intend to focus more in providing wireless WAN connections to the customers in order to facilitate them ...
Information Technology
INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Knowledge Management Systems [Institution's Name] Executive Summary A firm's key success factors sorrounds retrieval, creation and storage with is the work of Knowledge Management Systems. However the introduction about these systems are often misunderstood in organizations regarding their efficiency and efficacy and even if adopted many times paralleled by illison and disillusionment ...
Locating And Storing Information In Peer-To-Peer Network
Locating and Storing Information in Peer-to-Peer Network Abstract In a peer-to-peer network configuration of systems, storing and locating files is a perplexing problem. Researchers have studied and implemented various techniques. All those proved to be useful, but they had their shortcomings and drawbacks. Lack of scalability and a lot of time consumption ...
Technology Science
Technology science [Name of the Institute] Science & Technology Introduction Climatic Change Climatic change is defined as the alteration or the change in the geometric properties of the climate system when considered over the long period of time without any cause. There are different factors which are involved in the process of oceanic circulation such ...
National Renewable Energy Action Plan In European Commission
National renewable energy action plan in European Commission National renewable energy action plan in European Commission Introduction: The European Union has laid great concerns on the conservation of energy in recent years. In various conferences, it has emphasized greatly on strategies and plans to hoard rapidly depleting energy resources. The European Commission has ...
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