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Assignment on Technology

Technology assignments can get quite complicated and difficult as they require implementation of technical skills and thorough review of the past literature. Researchomatic therefore provides its consumers with assignments on technology and all related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature to effectively work on their assignments. Students from all over the world can conveniently access these assignments.

Technology Management
Technology Management Technology Management Telecommunication Technologies Q1. Imagine you are a CISO of a publically traded company and concerned about security when sending any message traffic over the Internet to your remote sites. Determine the security measures you would consider implementing to mitigate security risks when sending message traffic over the Internet. ...
E-Compensation E-Compensation Web-based compensation tool versus a client-server based PC-based system A thick client or standalone system denotes an application that runs on a desktop setting like the platforms of Mac or Windows. In this system, the norm was that the running of code together with the data processing took place on the ...
Information Security
INFORMATION SECURITY Information Security Information Security Thesis Statement WiFi connectivity has been flawed in the past, and with WPS it continues to be flawed. Introduction The US-CERT has warned about vulnerability in WiFi Setup Standard that has minimized the number of attempts taken by an attacker brute-force the PIN for a wireless router's setup process. The ...
Common Business Oriented Language
Common Business Oriented Language Common Business Oriented Language Introduction Back in 1959, a committee CODASYL developed a programming language with the aim to facilitate the developing business industry. The name COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) highlights the sole purpose of its creation. COBOL is one of the oldest in the hierarchy of high ...
People Are Too Dependent On Computers
People Are Too Dependent On Computers People Are Too Dependent On Computers Introduction The innovation of computer has been efficient and effective. This technology offers different resources from marketing websites, software, social networking, educational websites, data bases etc. These resources a play a vital role in today's life, it provides better means ...
Python Programming
PYTHON PROGRAMMING Security Issues of Python Programming and Possible Solutions Security Issues of Python Programming and Possible Solutions Introduction Software programming along with the programming languages have developed up to a considerable extent. Various languages are introduced, implemented and perfected everyday for the sake of improving and facilitating various computer functions. In ...
Cloud Computing
CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Introduction Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the major technological advances of recent years offering companies great promise and hither to unimaginable perfection. However, due to the immense hype surrounding the phenomenon and despite its attractiveness, it is now difficult for small and medium enterprises to accurately identify ...
Location Based Service
LOCATION BASED SERVICE Location Based Service Introduction1 History and Background of Location Based Service (LBS)1 Technology to Distribute and control Location based service2 Communication Model of Location Based Service3 LBS Technologies4 Handset Based GPS4 Forward Link Control4 Observed time difference and Enhanced observed time difference5 Cellular network Based Cell ID5 Time of Arrival (TOA) and Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA)5 Multiple analysis6 Location ...
“the Advantages Of Modeling” (System Modelling Theory)
“THE ADVANTAGES OF MODELING” (SYSTEM MODELLING THEORY) “The Advantages of Modeling” (SYSTEM MODELLING THEORY) “The Advantages of Modeling” (SYSTEM MODELLING THEORY) Introduction A model is a simplification of reality. Models can make detailed plans as well as plans with a more general overview of the system. A good model includes details and ...
System Design & Analysis
System Design & Analysis System Design & Analysis Task 1 (P5) Typically initial customer handling process will broadly take on the following format: Enquiry Enquiries can come through various routes including: Telephone- contact via a central number or direct-lines to internal contacts. Face to face through visitors meeting at your premises. Post, either through ...
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