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Research Papers on Computer

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all computer related subjects. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its research papers on computer and related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Computer students from all around the world can access these research papers for inspiration.

Understanding E-Procurement
Understanding E-procurement Understanding E-procurement Introduction E-procurement is the electronic procurement and is also known as supplier exchange. It is the process in which sales and purchases of different products, supplies and orders are taken place in order to do business. The business is either business to consumers or business to government e-procurement is ...
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing [Name of Instructor] Abstract In this research paper we will discuss the risks associated with cloud computing. Cloud computing is the most new product of Information Technology. We see the opinions of companies after adopting the cloud computing in order to expand their businesses. There are certain incidents happened after adopting ...
Information Management
Information Management Information Management Introduction In this study we try to explore the concept of information security and management in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on information security and its relation with organizational efficiency and the development of warehousing and storage of relevant information. The research ...
Ethics Of Computer Games
Ethics of Computer Games Ethics of Computer Games Introduction It is generating a repetitive speech in the media about "school violence". Without discussing the opportunity of the term and the ideological connotations it entails, what we ask in this paper is whether certain climates of violence that occur in classrooms will not be ...
Nanotechnology And Society
Nanotechnology and Society Abstract In this research we try to discover the insight of “Nanotechnology” in a holistic perspective. The key heart of the study is on “Nanotechnology” and its relation with “Society”. The research also examines various characteristics of “Nanotechnology” and tries to measure its effect. Lastly the research illustrates ...
Why Stop Online Piracy Act Should Not Be Passed
Why Stop Online Piracy Act Should Not Be Passed Introduction The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) protects consumers and innovators attacking foreign websites that traffic in stolen and counterfeit products, from movies to medicine or baby food. However due to this law many issues will emerge in the future. It is ...
Mobile Computing In Health Care Settings
Mobile Computing in Health Care Settings Mobile Computing in Health Care Settings Introduction Only a few years ago, discussion of meaningful use of electronic health records on mobile devices would likely have conjured images of rolling workstations and conventional laptop computers. In the last few years, the form factor for common mobile ...
Cloud Computing With Context Of Erp Systems
Cloud Computing With Context of ERP Systems Cloud Computing With Context of ERP Systems Annotated Bibliography Pat G. (2011). How Cloud Computing is Changing the Manufacturing ERP Landscape, San Ramon Valley Blvd. In this paper the author Pat has mentioned the fact that, the introduction and success of cloud computing in recent years ...
Computer In Education
COMPUTER IN EDUCATION Effects of Computer in Education Table of Contents Abstract3 Mini Computers and Education3 Computer Toys Designed by Edmund Berkely4 Geniac5 Tyniac5 Brainiac5 Role of Government for Introducing Computing in Education6 Role of Media for Introducing Computing in Education6 Present Day Usage of Computing in Education7 Computers for Teaching7 Video Conferencing8 Web Technologies8 Software8 Communication9 Students' Portal9 Course Registration System of Universities9 Conclusion10 Effects of Computer in ...
Top Four Layers Of Osi Model
TOP FOUR LAYERS OF OSI MODEL Top Four Layers of OSI Model Top Four Layers of OSI Model Introduction The Open Systems Interconnection model is an indication instrument for empathizing data communications among any two systems connected in a network. The OSI model fractions the procedures of communication into seven different layers. All seven ...
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