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Research Papers on Computer

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all computer related subjects. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its research papers on computer and related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Computer students from all around the world can access these research papers for inspiration.

Artificial Intelligence In Robotics: Their Applicability And The Future Players
Artificial Intelligence in Robotics: Their Applicability and the Future Players Abstract In this era of automation and mechanization, problem solving and completion of our daily chores has been relatively simplified. However, these machines and gadgets do not possess any analytical capability. In order to reduce human effort, more sophisticated technology is being ...
Catalyst Control Centre Software
Catalyst Control Centre Software Catalyst Control Centre Software Introduction AMD employs novel software called Catalyst Control Centre Software to maneuver several functions of the hardware including; video options, monitor controls, and 3D settings. It displays a short 3D preview and facilitates the users in observing the way changes in the graphical settings impact ...
Databases Databases Introduction Relational database is considered as database that has a number of various tables of different items. There are a number of benefits of relational database that is directly associated with the success of any process. Normalization is another major process that is being used for normalizing the data. The process ...
Technology Advancement
Technology Advancement Technology Advancement Introduction Computers are considered as the most essential part in today's life. In the current era it is hard to imagine life without computer technology. It plays a vital role in accomplishing various tasks and it helps to complete the desired tasks in the more efficient and convenient way ...
Fault Tolerance In Distributed Systems
Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems Introduction If the word fault tolerance is observed, it can be defined as fault which is an error or malfunction from a normal behavior and tolerance is the ability for putting up or enduring with that error. Therefore, fault tolerance is defined ...
Identity In Communities And Networks
Identity in Communities and Networks Identity in Communities and Networks We are living in an age where technological inventions are shaping the living standard of people. People are becoming more oriented towards these inventions, and are integrating it in their lives as one of the essential components. Social media networking craze by ...
Heat Sinks
Heat sinks Heat-Sink Introduction Processors produce a lot of heat. The heatsink dissipates the heat and ensures that the processor is not overheating due to slowing the pace or even completely shut down. Most CPU coolers consist of a fan and a large heatsink that sits on the processor. Newer models have often. ...
Cloud Computing
CLOUD COMPUTING Cloud Computing: Inception, Challenge and Future Abstract Cloud computing is here to revolutionize the way businesses evolve and work. It provides multi facet benefits for industries and especially the IT Sector. This paper covers the developmental changes that have occurred recently in this important technological advancement, which will completely change ...
Disaster Recovery Plan
Disaster Recovery Plan Introduction4 AT&T4 Business Goals & Objectives4 Size & Layout5 Structure5 Organization`s Network Architecture5 DRP POLICY6 Disaster Declaration6 Assessment of Security7 Potential disaster scenarios and methods of dealing with the disaster7 Earthquakes8 Volcanic Eruptions8 Fire8 Hostage Situation9 Acts of Terror9 Disaster recovery procedures10 Incident Response Team (IRT) charter11 Executive Summary11 Mission Statement11 Incident Declaration11 Organizational Structure12 Roles and Responsibilities12 Information flow and methods of communication13 Internal communication13 External communication13 Methods and Services provided by ...
Ardmore Public Library Information System (Aplis)
Ardmore Public Library Information System (APLIS) Abstract Many tools and procedures have been identified to carry out successful design, development, and implementation of a Computer Information System. The paper discusses in detail about different software development methodologies and programming languages. The in depth analysis of the methodologies and development processes in ...
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