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Research Papers on Computer

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all computer related subjects. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its research papers on computer and related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Computer students from all around the world can access these research papers for inspiration.

Facebook Open Graph & The Semantic Web
Facebook open graph & the semantic web Facebook open graph & the semantic web Summary To effectively used or to encourage the use of protocol of Open Graph, Facebook used this protocoal to develop various internal applications through using this standard of web effectively and efficiently. The collection, described by Facebook displays a ...
Deduplication Deduplication Introduction Deduplication is a technique for saving data to factor consisting of sequences of identical data to save space used. In the process of deduplication each file is divided into a plurality of sections. Each of these sections is associated with a unique identifier; the identifiers are stored in an index. ...
Employee Monitoring
Employee Monitoring Employee Monitoring Introduction Privacy can be regarded as a privilege, and therefore as an essential right or interest to be impartial against others. Privacy in an organization is about providing the employee's the right to private space and to manage their private information with the employer's right to supervise the ...
Website Migration Project
Website Migration Project Website Migration Project Introduction Every day on web development or server-related forums someone asks a question about how to move databases across different servers or server versions. The answers are not straight and simple, but rather diverse and dependent on each particular case. While working with databases, almost every database ...
Ubiquitous Computing
UBIQUITOUS COMPUTING Ubiquitous Computing: Experience, Design and Science Abstract Computer science is faced with the challenge of ubiquitous computing, asking questions about human reasoning of computability and computer systems, in addition to asking the all important question of how the development of ubiquitous systems which are complex, will take place. It also poses ...
Enhancing Security In System Administration
Enhancing Security in System Administration Enhancing Security in System Administration Situation & Problem Statement MegaCorp is planning to spend a large amount of money in the near future, upgrading from Windows 2003 and Windows XP to Server 2008 and Windows 7, to take advantage of the many new features offered by those ...
Ethics And Responsibilities In Computer Technology
Ethics and Responsibilities in Computer Technology Ethics and Responsibilities in Computer Technology Introduction Today we cannot understand our society without computers or without data communication networks that link becoming the center and the information base of our society. The computer and information is currently the area of greatest cultural influence to such a degree that ...
Cyber Child Pornography
CYBER CHILD PORNOGRAPHY Cyber Child Pornography Abstract In this world there are various issues that need significant attention. One such issue is of child pornography. Child pornography is a serious issue and should be evaluayted from variegated petrspectives. In this paper, child pornography is evaluated with the increased usage of internet and advancement ...
Pc Security
PC SECURITY PC Security [Instructor's Name] [Course ID] PC Security Introduction When we talk about home computer security what we are really concerned about is the information stored on our home computers, the information we access on the World Wide Web, or receive by way of emails or other messages. The purpose of PC Security ...
Computer Architecture
Computer Architecture Computer Architecture Introduction The microprocessor is the engine or the driving force behind the revolution of computer technology over past two decades. Microprocessors have been instrumental in the invention of gadgets which are very commonly used by almost everyone, be it the personal computer, facsimile machine, contemporary automobiles or wristwatches. Since ...
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