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Research Papers on Computer

High schools and universities require students to write research papers for almost all computer related subjects. Researchomatic, therefore, provides its consumers with one of the biggest consumer bases in the online library market with its research papers on computer and related fields to support and assist students in getting quality literature. Computer students from all around the world can access these research papers for inspiration.

Technology Innovators
TECHNOLOGY INNOVATORS [Course Title, Section] [Summary Project] Innovators of TechnologyAbstract The research aims to propose the innovators of technology for being portrayed in a documentary film. The research contains a thorough description of the major contributions of three innovators, who had performed efficiently in their respective fields, and have benefited the mankind to their ...
How Computers Are Used In Automobile Design?
How Computers are used in Automobile Design? How Computers are used in Automobile Design? Introduction With the modern application of computers and software programming, automobile companies are applying different analytical and technical skills to design the cars on computers. In this consideration, the computer-aided design (CAD) is the program-based software that helps ...
Active Running Software Project Management
Active Running Software Project Management Active Running Software Project Management Abstract Various methodologies and techniques are in use today, for software project management. Different methodologies fit to different applications, as these methodologies have certain advantages and disadvantages. Some of these methodologies include SSADM, RUP, XP, and Scrum. This paper describes these methodologies ...
Systems Analysis Taxonomies
Systems Analysis Taxonomies Systems Analysis Taxonomies Introduction In order to develop complex information systems efficiently, it is essential to use a systems development methodology. Various system development taxonomies exist, each suitable for particular development applications. All of these taxonomies divide the development lifecycle into several steps. For example, some of these methodologies ...
3d Skeletonization As An Optimization Problem
3D Skeletonization as an Optimization Problem Abstract A skeleton refers to a significant shape which is used to capture some important topologies of an object in both two and three dimensions. A curve-skeleton of 3D object is a centerline representation or a stick-like figure of that object that can be implemented in ...
Internet Censorship
Internet Censorship Abstract This research paper represents the concepts about the Internet Censorship, why internet has to be censored in several countries? And which countries have blocked certain sites and why? This research paper especially focus China's Internet censorship because, China has the oldest history of Internet Censorship. Moreover, this research paper ...
Virtualization Virtualization Introduction The creation of a virtual version of a thing (rather than the actual thing or in place of the actual thing) is known as virtualization in the computing world. It is a term that is quite common to computing experts and programmers. The virtualization could be of a hardware platform, ...
Duplication Abstract This research paper entails the research on the concept of deduplication and philosophy of the security of the deduplication. In today's era the world has made such a progress that technologies have become integral part of human's life in a developing nation and developed nations. Survival without technology is a ...
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing Cloud Computing Introduction Cloud computing has truly revolutionized the way work is done today. Mobility and the availability of information, no matter where one is, has become a necessity rather than an advantage. A key aspect of cloud computing is the IT security; particularly for universally accessible public clouds. Suppliers ...
Home Wireless Network
Home Wireless Network Home Wireless Network Executive Summary Technological advancements in wireless information technologies have positioned the users in the computing environment, which is not, only ubiquitous but also has a lot of information exchange facets to it. This allows people to have easy access to information from one part of the ...
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