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Assignment on Education

Researchomatic helps students to prepare an assignment on education that meets the requirement of college level education. The topics are designed according to various approaches of understanding so the students are sure to find academic material that will support them to perform an education assignment. Doing an assignment and getting a good grade is not an issue anymore for students who need some additional support.

EDUCATION Securing Good Outcomes for Pupils Securing Good Outcomes for Pupils How have you established a safe and stimulating environment for pupils, rooted in mutual respect? School should do much more than just the teaching of technical skills. It always involves; concrete, actionable and verifiable knowledge, skills and abilities as well as to ...
Backgroud of the Topic Assessment
Background of Topic and Measurement Model Background of Topic and Measurement Model Introduction The aim and objective of this assignment is to discuss and analyze Background of Topic and Measurement Model of Using Computer Technologies in Assessment. Discussion Assessment involves taking samples of behavior in a given time, and to assess the significance of ...
Steps in Planning for Instruction
Summary Chapter 11 - Summary One of the final steps in planning for instruction includes the selection of instructional strategies. There are five basic sources mentioned in the chapter: objectives, subject matter, student, community and teachers. Objectives refer to the learning objectives, whereas the subject matter requires emphasis on core concepts required ...
The Characteristics Of An Effective Leader
The Characteristics of an Effective Leader The Characteristics of an Effective Leader Introduction The focus of a winnig organizational leader is always on the goals and objectives of the organization. The others aspects of major concern for such leaders is to make employees capable of achieving their goals and operational objectives. They ...
Teaching English Language
Teaching English Language Teaching English Language The Benefits of Manipulative Strategies Students with dynamic, common sense, innovative, kinesthetic or tactile learning styles learn successfully when engaged in hands-on or practical tasks, cooperative learning or games. Thus, by means of using manipulative strategies students can have fun, which has been established to boost self-confidence, ...
Learning Theories
Learning Theories Implications Of Different Theories On Education Implications Of Different Theories On Education Introduction In these questions, we are supposed to discuss the impact of different learning theories on educational methods. These theories are to be discussed with accordance to the positive effect on education which refers to motivation and stimulus. Theories ...
Innovative Project
Innovative Project [Name of the institute] Sheet Formative Innovation Project with Emerging Technology Integration Baseline The Project aims to inculcate online educational classes for the students of kindergarten. Basic Issues The prevalent educational system does not incorporate the technological implications in educating young kids from kindergarten. According to Bright (2011), the early use of technology ...
Leadership Leadership Introduction Video 1: Puzzle of motivation Puzzle of motivation or a ted talk's video hosted by Dan pink has encouraged me to adopt the good habit of continuous learning. After watching this video, I realized the fact that communicating with live audience is the most difficult task and for that, one ...
Toy Design
Toy Design Toy Design Introduction In this assignment, I am going to design a toy for a child aged up to two years. I have designed a “Stacking Clown Toy” that will greatly help a child to understand the process of growth and development. This is a fun clown that has a curved ...
The Friendship Grouping
CRITICAL REVIEW Critical Review Critical Review Introduction The friendship grouping during the mathematics classroom is not a general phenomenon in most of the schools but often used as an educational tool. The few minutes' conversation is also a regular practice under such situations. This plays a vital role in the overall training of the ...
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